Episode 1: Reclaim time by Eliminating, Automating, and Delegating

Jeff Lisciandrello has the distinct honor of being the first guest ever on Zach Long’s  More Than Teachers Movement podcast. If you missed the podcast, you can catch it here. Otherwise, read on to learn how Jeff is (and helps others to be) way more than a teacher.

Who Is Jeff Lisciandrello?

Jeff is the creator of “Three Bridges Design for Learning”, a framework for making planning and differentiating instruction more manageable. He is also the founder of Room To Discover where he serves as the lead consultant. His organization is aimed at helping educators bring achievement, engagement, and joy to the classroom. Plus, Jeff authored the Reflective Teaching Guide which includes multiple assessments to help teachers think more deeply about their practice and environment. But, before all this, Jeff Lisciandrello was a middle school teacher of English and math for 12 years. Jeff is way more than a teacher though. He is a champion for work-life balance through working smarter and not harder.

Is a Work-Life Balance Even Possible for Teachers?

Finding a work-life balance as a teacher is difficult, and Jeff gets it. He admits that he struggled with it himself. But, it’s not impossible. According to Jeff, “It is really important to create boundaries and to find ways that we can provide a great educational experience for students without running ourselves into the ground.” 

Coaching Isn’t Just for Athletes Anymore

Coaching is one of the keys to teachers reclaiming balance in their lives. Jeff shares, “The good news is that coaching has become more prevalent over the past 10, 20 years. Now schools are recognizing that coaching is filling the gap.” He envisions a school where after a teacher has taught for a while, they become the head of a teaching pod where they support and supervise other teachers. Jeff explains, “You have this organic passing on of knowledge from experienced teachers to less experienced teachers.” Those with experience become more than a teacher; they progress to becoming a coach.

Eliminate, Automate, and Delegate

“Eliminate, automate, delegate means that we need to be thoughtful about whatever we’re doing whether it’s grading a paper or planning a lesson,” Jeff explains. You can actually do less to become more than a teacher and restore your work-life balance. Here’s how it works:

  • Eliminate anything on your to-do list that isn’t producing value. If it’s not making things better for your students, stop doing it. 
  • Automate those tasks that can be done just as effectively by a computer. Often, automation takes a time investment upfront that will pay off later.
  • Delegate to your students. Jeff explains, “If we’re preparing students for life outside the classroom, it should be more likely that they have classroom jobs as they get older, not less likely.”

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Guest Speaker: Jeff Lisciandrello

Guest Speaker: Jeff Lisciandrello

Jeff Lisciandrello is the founder of Room to Discover, author of The Reflective Teaching Guide, and creator of the 3-Bridges Design for Learning. He brings 12 years of classroom teaching experience to his work as an education consultant and teacher coach, specializing in bringing innovative practices to traditional school settings. You can connect with him via Twitter @EdTechJeff