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Meet the Team

Hey teachers. We are so glad that you are here. Our mission at the More than teachers Movement is to inspire you and educators everywhere to live healthy, happy lives free from the guilt, worry and stress inspired by our unique profession. We believe that only when teachers choose themselves first, will they truly unlock their full potential, both in life and in the classroom.

We call ourselves a movement because we believe that the best way we can promote positive change in the lives of teachers is through a sense community and a strong support system. 


Zachary Long is a teacher turned entrepreneur, currently hosting the More Than Teacher Movement podcast, who has dedicated his life to helping teachers help themselves.

He spent 7 years in the classroom working as a 5th grade teacher before transitioning to a middle school Social Studies position. While achieving success in the classroom, Zachary felt the call of entrepreneurship and left to start Life After Teaching with his wife Brittany.

He now works on the More Than Teachers Movement, an website he started with the sole purpose of helping teachers have happy, stress free lives.


Cindy Lynn Lassalle is a former teacher turned entrepreneur, currently working from home as a virtual assistant and freelance writer.
She spent 20+ years teaching in Puerto Rico before relocating to NC to become a homeschool ninja mom to her special needs child. Besides teaching, she has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Management. She is a devoted mother to an amazing son, dog momma, book lover, and writer. Her stories are featured in sites such as: Chicken Soup for the Soul and Rebel Love.